Messages from Equus

I was recently asked by my mentor Melisa Pearce to face East (symbolic for new beginnings) each day for a period of 30 days. Thirty days of full acceptance of what Spirit has in mind for my purpose while here.

Now,  she noted that what the Universe had in mind for me could potentially be very different than what I was hoping for. And in order to get any true answer I had to be willing to accept what was going to be unveiled to me.

 It was an assignment she gave me during a coaching session in Montana. She was partnered with a horse named Cash when I presented with a huge block of knowing that Spirit  had something for me to do and yet I didn't know how to access what it was. During the session Cash, just like Spirit, gently circled me.

What a profound experience.

Thirty days no matter what I faced East early in the morning, late at night, while walking by the ocean in a storm or sitting on my mat in my living room just to name a few. Everyday was a new experience and I was to write to Melisa and tell her what I did and when so that she would keep me accountable. Within two weeks of finishing this ritual I sat on the front lawn at her ranch in Colorado and meditated. It was then I got some answers.

Messages From Equus was birthed. A journey that I am to take with my horse Ryder across the USA and eventually globally. To spread compassion to both horse and human. To gather messages from Equus to let the world know..........September 2105

To let the world know what? I had been seeking more answers to this question and starting to get a little impatient with Spirit not sending me more to which my coach Peggy said "you certainly don't want to piss off Spirit, it will come in time". Great advice. So I went out to the barn and just hung out with the herd. One gelding came up to me put his nose to my nose and we exchanged breath and I looked into his eyes and he said "Dont give up on this Rie, we need your voice". Chills went up and down my spine. OK. I will wait patiently for everything to unfold.......December 2015.