Meet my special partner.....BF Gambler's Toby Ryder.



BF Gambler's Toby Ryder – "Ryder" – is a registered Rocky Mountain horse, foaled May 15, 2013. He is naturally gaited, so when it comes time to ride him, it will be a very smooth ride. We have been working together for over a year on ground manners and getting accustomed to all sorts of things that could possibly spook a horse and/or human – umbrellas, large tarps, small plastic bags, he has even walked across an old mattress (which by the way he was more sure footed on it than I was)! 



He has been around this work since he was a yearling, often in his stall within sight of the arena where his herd-mates were partnering with coaches and their clients. He is wise beyond his years and excited to share his messages with you.