“After doing significant work around the deep wounds inflicted upon me by an abusive grandmother, there was still a persistent scar. Rie, through her wisdom, guidance and strength helped me break through that scar tissue by getting me to step into that primal scream: a scream that the horse (her co-coach) had received and transformed the decades of pain into sweet relief of freedom… finally.” – Heather W., Kiawah Island SC, March 2015

“Rie is a phenomenal coach that creates a safe transformative space for her clients. She is creative, calming and nurturing. If you want to create a personal shift in your life , Rie is highly recommended!” – Bethany P., Cadillac MI, August 2015

“I was fortunate to experience a coaching session with Rie. She took me through the process with loving support and kindness and helped me release anger that I'd been hanging onto for so many years. Once the process was complete I felt such a sense of peace and healing of my heart” – Vonie K., Vancouver WA, May 2015

“Rie is so connected with her body work and intuition. She emanates light and love and truly cares for her clients.” – Julie B., Erie CO, August 2015

“Rie has such a beautiful healing presence. She creates a safe space for her clients to do incredible deep process work.” – Jaclyn M., Boulder CO, April 2015

“Rie has a very strong and grounded presence in her coaching style. She asks great questions and has an ability to hear, recognize and bring awareness to significant details that are expressed” – Amy M., Wetaskiwin AB, August 2014

"Rie is amazing at what she does...helping heal from deep within. She truly listened to me, set up an engaging experience, and shifted my thinking and feeling in a profound way. I walked away from my work with Rie so clear and focused for the upcoming year and all it holds for me." – Sara K., Verona WI

“Rie is so calm, attentive in her listening and a very caring person. She has great strength in staying focused and balancing the conversation so you feel heard, validated and supported. She manages the time for our calls well." – Connie Z., Alberta Canada, July thru August 1015